In our 30+ years of experience we have learned that any aftermarket automotive company’s top priority needs to be the quality of the product they manufacture.  From day one Mountain Group has focused on building a top quality product using only the best components assembled to OEM specifications.  Our manufacturing standards always adhere to product specification, and are guaranteed to be produced to exact specifications.  Every step of our process in completely controlled and backed by only the highest quality research and components.

Top quality Complete Strut Assembly

Mountain Group has done extensive research, testing and data gathering regarding quality issues for this line.  A main issue within the marketplace is customer complaints of noise and clunking within the assembly.  We have addressed all factors causing such a result by addressing issues such as high/low temperature grease on bearings withing the unit, created to endure all weather conditions.  Bearings being used all must be of the highest quality with the proper number of balls being used to ensure premium performance in each assembly we manufacture.

In addition, the metal used in the top mounts must of the highest quality composition and thickness to ensure perfect quality end product.  Another common mistake is low grade rubber used in assembly components.  Rubber hardness must be of proper specification in order to ensure perfect seal and fit in each assembly.

Extensive research on the dimensions and angles of all seats, mounts, brackets and springs are verified and produced in house to ensure 100% control of the crucial components that make up the finished strut assembly.  To put it simply, only the highest quality components make up the Mountain Group Complete Strut Assembly.

We have extensive quality control testing on every level of assembly.

All piston rods are tested for smoothness and proper specifications and include a phosphate finish to eliminate rusting on the assembly.  Automatic welding machines are used to complete all welds on the unit, and ensures that every unit is created without error, and every weld is approved by a qualified Quality Control Inspector on the factory floor.